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Janel Inc.
Janel Inc. specializes in servicing production assembly and electronics manufacturing industries. We distribute products from the best manufacturers in the industry. Hazardous smoke and fumes are present in many workplace environments especially those in which lead-free solder lasers solvents and glues are used. Adequate fume extraction is key to safety in the workplace and we offer many solutions from tip and volume extraction to portable units or central systems that offer a high degree of separation of particles and gases. Janel, Inc. incorporated in 1961 to serve the ever growing Production Assembly and Soldering Industry with premium solder solutions from Kester Solder, JBC Tools, ESD Products and Solutions from DESCO Industries (formerly Charleswater and DESCO Charleswater), endless supplies for soldering and a wide array of hand tool options. Janel, Inc. launched its eCommerce website (https://www.janelonline.com) in 2006 and continues to offer the most innovative and latest products within the industry, from the brands you know and trust. Janel's continuing goal is to be more than just a source for soldering supplies and soldering equipment; We are also your source for adhesives, protective supplies, and much more. Contact us today to see if we can serve your needs. Janel, Inc. History (1961 - Today) Started in Stirling, New Jersey, USA in 1961, the business relocated in 1999 to Bound Brook, New Jersey USA. On September 19, 1999, just four weeks after moving into the newly renovated building, Hurricane Floyd hit the North East USA and the Raritan River overflowed its banks and drowned town of Bound Brook. The new Janel facilities were under twelve feet of water. Janel suffered a total loss of building, records, computers and inventory. However, business operations did not skip a beat mainly by the loyal and determined staff. They established a temporary office from which orders were processed and customers were serviced by direct ship as new inbound inventory was in the work. By November 1999, the building was re-renovated and it was business as usual. April, 16, 2007 had another round of disaster with the Raritan River; Janel, Inc. was submerged with 6 feet of water to the facility, a loss to the building, records, computers, and inventory, again. Direct ship orders were worked up with the vendors and the new, re-renovation finished in November 2007. March 2010, the one hundred year floods seem to be reoccurring much more frequently. The facility was marginally affected by three inches of water, having a downtime of seven business days, mostly from waiting for the electrical infrastructure to be repaired. October 2012, Hurricane Sandy caused widespread electrical outages, blocked roads from fallen trees and numerous service interruptions for weeks with inbound and outbound freight. The US Army Corps of Engineers have been diligently working on a flood control project for the town of Bound Brook, NJ. "A Project Cooperation Agreeme

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Company Name: Janel Inc.

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Company Experience: Janel Inc. specializes in servicing production assembly and electronics manufacturing industries. We distribute products from the best manufacturers in the industry.

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